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Custom Built Summer Houses

High Quality Custom Built Summer Houses

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Summer House Installation Service

For those who are looking for custom built summer houses in Hertfordshire, the processes we use enables us to work flexibly which results in our customers being given a choice.

Here at Trend Landscapes to ensure that every Summer House we build as well as sheds are built to an extremely high standard we make them to order. This means that each shed or summerhouse receives the full attention from our highly skilled and able workforce using the best materials and equipment available. We source our timber from the reputable sawmills which guarantee that our sheds are summer houses are built to last.

We offer a custom built summer house service that allows our customers to select from a great range of sheds with the option of even designing their own.

Our speciality is creating bespoke sheds and summer houses that meet the needs and requirements of our customers and we enjoy creating each and every one. Regardless of whether it is a custom built shed to fit your base that requires extra windows for more light or even wider doors or just a normal shed that is used for storing belongings. Whatever you need, we can work with you to pretty much create your perfect custom built summer house or shed. It is just a case of asking us!

Our service also offers the potential of using different parts of different sheds from our range and mixing and matching them, whatever combination you need we are more than happy to discuss and adapt to give you exactly what you need. You may like the frame of one shed and the windows of another, just let us know and we will create for you, a stunning shed or summerhouse.

If you are looking for custom built sheds in Hertfordshire or even a summerhouse then why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help you to design and build your dream shed.