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Garden Design Service

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Garden design service hertfordshire

Garden Design Service

For those who are looking for garden design service in Hertfordshire, we can promise that we are professional and thorough throughout the whole process.

At Trend Landscapes, we understand that everyone wants the perfect garden and that everyone has the right to a perfect garden which is why our garden design services are exceptional.

We tailor the service to your needs as well as you budget. Our designers have a vast amount of experience that enable them to work with you to create a design that will meet your every need. Our goal is to create a garden that is unique, stunning and practical but more importantly achievable. We work flexibly so that we can meet your every need.

We offer a number of services within our garden design service so you may be looking for inspiration or even advice or maybe a makeover of your existing garden or a complete transformation, whatever the requirements our skilled team are on hand to advise and help. We can guide you through the design process and turn your ideas from an inspiration to a reality.

We offer 2D hand drawn designs or CAD designs that are created to scale in order to aid the design of your garden. We take your budget into consideration and ensure that the design is tailored to your needs. Therefore we offer:

Scale Drawings

Hand Drawn or CAD

Planting Plans

Designs to a Budget

One off and Unique Designs

We believe in helping our customers design the garden of their dreams which is why our service also comes with our exceptional knowledge which means that we will discuss any challenges that we may face as well as suggesting solutions. We take photographs of the site and take into consideration any specific requirements- we cover all eventualities.

For a top class garden design service why not get in touch with us today to see how we can create a garden that is truly spectacular.